Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey there peeps :)

Been a busy week this week but still managed to get in some crafting.  For those who are here in New Zealand don't forget to check out my auctions on Trademe. My username is "cracakerspin" I've been making up flower packs and embellishment packs. I've sold a few let me know if you have any helpful suggestions.

I've been making up mini embellishment kits to, which I love to do but don't really wanna make any more until I start selling some cause other wise it's a waste of my supplies.

I have also joined the group on facebook hosted by Bona..Keep on scrappin :) I started my journal off with a hiss and a roar. I've got so many journals and this one will be awesome to.  I have a wee secret so don't judge me but.........I hate doing layouts!!!!!  I know seems weird that I'm in to scrapbooking lol I just don't seem to have the knack for it and I think because in real life I'm not a girly girl I find it hard to do layouts that are shabby chic or girly and I hate to waste my precious primas lol....anyhoo this Journal is awesome cause I been able to scrap some of the photos that I had for ages that don't make it into an album and end up living in a box. I will post pics on the first few pages as soon as my girl brings home the camera:) Hope everyone is well in scrappy land :)

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  1. Im with you on the layout thing to. Love yah flowers Tash, keep the good work up
    xx :)