Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wow don't you love it when you get inspired and youe mind is buzzing with ideas and you just have the urge to create!!!  I'm nearly always in a creative mood but I love that feeling when you try something new and it's workin' for ya.

The other night I accidently clicked on a youtube video and now I am so glad because it opened the doors to my new obsession :)  The artist is Linda from Livartnow on youtube and she had created this awesome piece of Mixed Media art using alsorts of embellishments,  wooden and metal elemants, lace, charms and the most amazing art tiles she had made by using scrabble pieces, collage. stamps and then flooding the little tiles with glossy accents to give them dimension and a gloss finish.  The mosiac she created was amazing and I couldn't wait to get started on my own one but hmmmmmm first I had to make like a BAH-JILLION art tiles.

So I got busy and made heaps I have now run out of the glossy accents I've been forced to have a break but I luuurrrvvee making them and they are like lil treasures.  Right up my alley being collage and then even better you don't have to comit yourself to much because they are small.  So fun, so easy such a great lil project and these tiles are perfect for embellishing so many of your projects, fridge magnets, cards.

If you think this is something you might wanna try then do it right away so much fun!!!  I'm thinking grungy tiles using tim holtz images,  vintage tiles with beautiful intage ehemera, shabby chic style by lightening up the images and distressing the edges with white and gold instead of the black.  I even have some art in mind where I will be painting some cultural images on the tiles and making some Polynesian inspired  canvases.  Heres some pics and I'm pretty sure there will be more as the creative juices continue to flow :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Journals Journals Everywhere!!!!

Over the last couple of month I have managed to get myself yet another obbsession JOURNALS!!!  I'm hooked...I've made at least 30 or so they are so easy and unique and fun to make.  I finally got a zutter bind-it-all  and when I made my first journal I was instantly hooked and have been making them ever since..all diferent styles :) I've got vids on my youtube channel so be sure to go check them out :)

Here are some pics of some of the journals I've been creating :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heres a vid on a couple of my mini albums :)

Long Time No Blog!!!!!

Wow can't believe it was May since I last Blogged!!  How slack :( TBH with the face booking and answering emails and trying to sell my art, make music, care for my family well...blogging took a bit of a back seat but here I am....and what have I been up too??

 Heaps I've managed to do quite alot of crafting, painting and been making some music (but thats a whole other blog)  The making of the crafts and the painting of the art is the easy bit I love it!!!!  I wish I could create art all day every day the hard bit for me is selling it so that is my focus at the moment trying to get some of my creations sold so I can buy more supplies for art!!!

So I'm just gonna share some pics of what I've been up to and a couple of vids make sure to come join me over at :  it's where I mostly hang out and you can check out more of my artsy carry ons and say hello or have a wee chat :)