Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heya Peeps

Hope everyone had a creative weekend :) Over the last week I've been getting into my crafting, been having a wee break from the painting but still doing a page here and there in my art journal :)

Been making some flowers and stickpins and also some beaded sprays I love making all that stuff it's like therapy.

Here a some felt rolled flowers with a bead in the center. I just cut these out by hand. Organza ruffled flower and a Twisted Organza flower. All very easy to make. No sewing yay!!!!

Some more of the flowers I've been making, some ribbon flowers and some Lace ones :)

Made heaps of stick pins these are a few of my favourite ones...golds and bronze and teals, creams and browns yum. And I've also been making some of my wet wipe flowers :) I love how puffy and dimensional they come out they are so lush. I think I'm going to have a handmade flower giveaway for the winner who comes up with a good name for them. I will keep you posted. I've been uploading vids so be sure to subscribe to my channel and keep updated with my artsy crafty carry ons.
Now that I have rigged my camera up I'm thinking of doing tutorials. Heaps of people have been asking me about the wet wipe flowers and other stuff and next month I wanna start these cool challengesbut I will fill you in on that later :) Youtube - artsongandsoul

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hi peeps :)
Well I set out to have a very productive day but the phone rang and it was one of my besties and well that kind of was the end of that.
I did however manage to tick off a couple of things on my artsy to-do list. One thing being uploading my first youtube vid, showcasing a mini album I made a while back for a special kiwi friend.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyErqnOM4wo

I really love the crafty comunity and have missed all my online friends. I love the sharing and skills learned and taught. So goals for tommorrow....post another vid (which takes a ba-jillion years to upload).
I really wanna post some more pics on here of recent projects and brighten the place up a bit :)
Be sure to check out my new channel if you are doing any youtube surfing. art, song and soul....all day everyday <3
heya :)
After a great weekend I'm looking forward to getting some creating done. We had family stay over so art was out of the question but I'm already to get into it tomorrow.
For those of you who are "youtubers" I have a new youtube channel - artsongandsoul
I will be posting my first vid on there tomorrow. I'm excited to hang out with all my crafty mates I've missed so much. I still have my old channel - crackerspin, but I've decided to keep that just for my music <3
Some of the projects that I have got to share in the very near future are some canvases I've been doing. I'm still doing some acrylic paintings for my "I am Sacred" series which I love. I got inspired by a very talented lady on youtube "willowing" definatly check her out if you like mixed media she does awesome whimsical art. When I'm more organised I will have links :)
I also am still doing my "beloved trees" I love to do mixed media pieces of trees. I love everything about trees, the whole symbology of trees I just love. Growth, roots, bloom,strength, all that good stuff <3
Hmmmmm what else........been on abit of a flower making frenzy...making beautiful flowers to sell and send to my scrappy friends.
Also been trying to keep up with my art journals, whenever I finish a project or artpiece I just like to spend a lil bit of time in my art journal I've been finding it's great for new ideas trying out color combos it's nice and messy, no pressure just fun. It is kind of like it cleans the slate from the last project and gets my mind working for the next one :)
So my goal for the rest of thins month is to get this blog sorted, get a couple of youtube vids posted. Get some more of my finished works up on trademe to sell so I can get money for more more more artsy stuff <3 It's ultra late so I'm off but I will be back tomorrow with pics of some of my artsy shananigans :) xx

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have recently been on this art kick. So many ideas in my head not enough supplies to get them all out of there. As much as I love to paint, draw, create,scrapbook whatever it may be I also often feel abit stressed kind of like anxiety....does anyone else get this when they are creating???
The most part of me enjoys it and I love my time where I get to do something I really enjoy but there is a part of me that is stressed out a little...will anyone like this? is it going to work out? Is this part of the nature of a creative mind or am I a freak??
Does it matter if you haven't found a style??...I mean I like to scrapbook, I love mixed media, the styles I paint change from one mood to the other...when do you get to call yourself an "artist"...is it when you sell something is it when you've studied art for a certain amount of time?? I'm just curious. I don't hang out with artists and I just wonder sometimes am I someone who dabbles? Am I an artist yet? Is it a hobby?

Ok so this must be why peeps blog....because they can ramble about whatever :) I'm getting it now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thanks for joining me here at my new blog. Wow 2012!!! and already into the second month. My daughter is now a teen at college and my son 11yrs is fitting in nicely at intermediate. It's left me with heaps of time to get creative but by the time I get of my computer I just get my brushes out and the family start arriving home. Time managment!! and then I go and decide to start a new blog, but not 1.......no I've started 2 lol...so be sure to check the other one out aswell if you wanna be updated with my music and such.

So I have started this year feeling pretty creative, recently I spent some time with my sister and she really encouraged me to get my art out there which in the past I've really just dabbled in it for fun, theropy, and as a creative outlet but I'm starting to get my head around the idea of getting it oout there and even maybe creating some income :)

I don't have a style yet I don't think. I love my art to be bold, meaningful and hopefully in some way inspire others.

I also love to craft aswell, scrapbooking type crafts...not so much the Layouts more of the mini-albums, altered art, it really fits in to my love for mixed media and that kind of thing.This particular piece I did a while back, experimenting with mixed media such as : alcohol inks, utee, micas and using techniques like collage and heat embossing.

Haven't done much of the scrappy stuff lately as I have been caught up with painting on canvas. Done a couple of works to add to my "I am sacred" series, and others that I will showcase in blogs to come :) well kids are home so must go look like I've been busy all day.....art song and soul....all day every day <3