Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hey Guys :)
FINALLY!!!!! uploaded a couple of pics from my new obsession my KOS Journal, still was not able to upload all the ones I wanted but I'm abit over iot now so these will have to do.

This is me when we had a band photo shoot on top of thes hills "Summer Hills" the sun was going down it was magical. My fam bams was with me so we got a couple of great family shots too.
These pics of me and albs arn't perfect
but what is??? I've journaled some lyrics to my song I wrote for him years ago. We been together for 20years now sheesh we're getting old!!
This one is me singing at a friends 30th. It was a wig party. I usually have issues with dress up parties, but I managed to get over myself for this one and join in the fun. My wig looked pretty withchy poo when I got it so I "amy winehouse'd" it up a lil......miss her :(
And these are the purple flower packs I've been making. So kiwi ladies come over and have a look at my auctions on trademe if you like handcrafted goodies :)

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