Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heya :) yet another creative week, halfway through and been pretty busy. Some great and exciting news first is that I am now an ANGEL for LSH :) which means I am one of four new Design team members and what is better still is I am designing for my all time favourite craft Cynthia ( YT -Cynthialoohoo)  So in the very near future I will be designing some projects from cindy's templates, that are all available from the LSH website :) I already have so many ideas going through my mind and looking forward to geting to know the other angels too.

This week I will be sending off some artwork, I've been painting these "om's".  My sister is a hardcore yogi and she wanted one, and then her friends wanted some an so over hte last couple of months I have painted and sold a few. None quite as big as this one though it stands a 1m tall and approx 70cm in width.  Done with acrylics, water soluble crayons, inks, stamps, heat embossed with utee and accented with gold perlex all painted over a collaged canvas.

I love painting these for other paople and have now painted quite a few. This was pretty big though and I think I prefer to do them on a smaller scale.

Monday, March 19, 2012

and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a comment on there or on here and I will put you in the draw to win this mini. You can keep it for yourself or gift it to someone special...I'm all about giving <3 giveaway will be drawn on April 5th 2012.

Wow !!!!!!
Whatta a crafty weekend I had.  I was sooo lucky to be able to have heaps of crafty time this weekend.  The kids had their own things going on and my darling had work so it was just me my fav music and my creativity...total bliss.  Sunday I had my bestie and her 3 beautiful sons for lunch but after that it was straight back out to my lil den.  I have my band gear set up out there too so I often have a break and a wee jam session while I wait for paint to dry.....soo my kind of a good time :)

So what did I get up to????.....I got started on the "keep on scrappin" challenge hosted by the ultimate Bona.  You have to create a mini album out of scraps from one collection of your choice. There was no theme but you couldn't use any dies, or punches.  It was my first challenge and I must say I was pretty over eager lol <3

So I chose the Tim Holtz Lost and Found collection, it seem to be a never ending stack I've created several projects with it, and if I'm clever there is still enough to make some cards or tags, heaps of goodie bits left for my journals and mixed media pieces.  I used scrap card board, and old packaging for the pages even used scrap flowers...well not scrap ones just ones that would never of made to a project cause of color.

Pretty happy with the cover.  Been hoarding a couple of Tim Holtz embellishments that I got in a rak from Geordie.
Love how these torn edges expose the corrogated board adds to the scrappy feel of the album.
I was so glad to use some of this plastic packaging I got from my kid toy boxes.

It was great to use my favourite technique "collage" in this album. A great and effective way to use scraps, and this paper was perfect for this mini.
HMMMMMMMMMMM My dumb pics have decided to stop uploading so that will have to be all for now.  Be sure to check out my vid on this mini :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hey Guys :)
FINALLY!!!!! uploaded a couple of pics from my new obsession my KOS Journal, still was not able to upload all the ones I wanted but I'm abit over iot now so these will have to do.

This is me when we had a band photo shoot on top of thes hills "Summer Hills" the sun was going down it was magical. My fam bams was with me so we got a couple of great family shots too.
These pics of me and albs arn't perfect
but what is??? I've journaled some lyrics to my song I wrote for him years ago. We been together for 20years now sheesh we're getting old!!
This one is me singing at a friends 30th. It was a wig party. I usually have issues with dress up parties, but I managed to get over myself for this one and join in the fun. My wig looked pretty withchy poo when I got it so I "amy winehouse'd" it up a lil......miss her :(
And these are the purple flower packs I've been making. So kiwi ladies come over and have a look at my auctions on trademe if you like handcrafted goodies :)

Soooo annoying for some reason I can't seem tp upload any of my pics so I will have another try tommorrow....in the mean time here is the vid I uploaded.

I'm back with a few pics from my "Keep On Scrappin" Journal...it's been good to use up some of my scraps and some of the flowers I have in my stash that never seem to make it onto any projects. The size of my journal is A5 I thought that would be a good size to start off with...I get a bit overwhelmed with layouts so I choose a small journal. Its real quick to which suits me even better. I don't spend much time on each page I just do my backgrounds choose my photo, grab some papers and glue them all on. I tuch a few other lil bits under here and there and "Robs your fathers brother!!!!" done. Definatly come over to Facebook and join in on the fun in the "keep on scrappin" grouip page hosted by Bona. It's great to be doing something all together :)

for some reason these pics are taking ages to upload so I will be back with the rest later :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey there peeps :)

Been a busy week this week but still managed to get in some crafting.  For those who are here in New Zealand don't forget to check out my auctions on Trademe. My username is "cracakerspin" I've been making up flower packs and embellishment packs. I've sold a few let me know if you have any helpful suggestions.

I've been making up mini embellishment kits to, which I love to do but don't really wanna make any more until I start selling some cause other wise it's a waste of my supplies.

I have also joined the group on facebook hosted by Bona..Keep on scrappin :) I started my journal off with a hiss and a roar. I've got so many journals and this one will be awesome to.  I have a wee secret so don't judge me but.........I hate doing layouts!!!!!  I know seems weird that I'm in to scrapbooking lol I just don't seem to have the knack for it and I think because in real life I'm not a girly girl I find it hard to do layouts that are shabby chic or girly and I hate to waste my precious primas lol....anyhoo this Journal is awesome cause I been able to scrap some of the photos that I had for ages that don't make it into an album and end up living in a box. I will post pics on the first few pages as soon as my girl brings home the camera:) Hope everyone is well in scrappy land :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hey there :)
finished putting the covers on the mixed media album that I created for my kiwi friend. I really loved doing this album and hopes she enjoys it too.  I did the covers fairly simple and faith can choose to embellish it more if she wants to.  I've been back into my flowers over the weekend trying to make packs up to sell. Trying to give them that handcrafted unique-ness as well as being a product that crafters want to buy that is not to "homemade" looking. Anyhooo heres the vid <3

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've been having a wee break from flower making. I did make heaps on the weekend to sell and give aweay but the last couple of days I've been making a Mini Album for a special friend :)
I totally loved making this album cause it ticked all the creative boxes for me <3 it's a mixed media album and I just went crazy....I've use acrylic paints, stains , inks water soluble pencis and crayons, collage, stamping, glueing, I embellished with bling and flowers that I also have aletered. Everything on this album from front to back has been "TASHAFIED". I painted the dolly girls in the style of "itsaworkofart" on youtube. I really like the way she does her hair. My girls that I usually draw have more almond eyes. I've been drawing these lil dolly girls since I was young and it was cool to incorperat them into thins mini album :)....So now all I have to do is do the cover and  I'll be able to get that sent off to her :) I'll probably keep it for a couple of days to look at it before I send it off :)
Make sure to check the description for more details me and the other talented ladies mentioned in this vid :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heya Peeps :)

TGIF!!!!! Yay.  For the last few weekends we have been really busy and had visitors but this weekend is free so I'm hoping to get in serious crafty/arty time in.  I've been on a real flower making kick and can't wait to get into making some with the new vintagy lace I bought yesturday.  I also won an auction on trademe for this box lot of lases and trims, someone was having a cleanout and you know what they say "one mans trash is another mans treasure"....I can't wait to get my package in the mail and see what goodies I got.  I see alot of my scrappy friends get such great bargains at thrift stores but I don't seem to see anything good in our local ones.
I uploaded the tutorial for the "WET WIPE" flowers. I've been so into making them lately :)  
So thats about it for now, hope to be back wit some pics of all the crafting I get up to over the weekend.  Never did I imagine that my perfect weekend would be at home making flowers out of baby wipes!!!! <3 art song and soul I just can't live with out it xo