Monday, February 6, 2012

Thanks for joining me here at my new blog. Wow 2012!!! and already into the second month. My daughter is now a teen at college and my son 11yrs is fitting in nicely at intermediate. It's left me with heaps of time to get creative but by the time I get of my computer I just get my brushes out and the family start arriving home. Time managment!! and then I go and decide to start a new blog, but not I've started 2 be sure to check the other one out aswell if you wanna be updated with my music and such.

So I have started this year feeling pretty creative, recently I spent some time with my sister and she really encouraged me to get my art out there which in the past I've really just dabbled in it for fun, theropy, and as a creative outlet but I'm starting to get my head around the idea of getting it oout there and even maybe creating some income :)

I don't have a style yet I don't think. I love my art to be bold, meaningful and hopefully in some way inspire others.

I also love to craft aswell, scrapbooking type crafts...not so much the Layouts more of the mini-albums, altered art, it really fits in to my love for mixed media and that kind of thing.This particular piece I did a while back, experimenting with mixed media such as : alcohol inks, utee, micas and using techniques like collage and heat embossing.

Haven't done much of the scrappy stuff lately as I have been caught up with painting on canvas. Done a couple of works to add to my "I am sacred" series, and others that I will showcase in blogs to come :) well kids are home so must go look like I've been busy all song and soul....all day every day <3

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