Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heya Peeps

Hope everyone had a creative weekend :) Over the last week I've been getting into my crafting, been having a wee break from the painting but still doing a page here and there in my art journal :)

Been making some flowers and stickpins and also some beaded sprays I love making all that stuff it's like therapy.

Here a some felt rolled flowers with a bead in the center. I just cut these out by hand. Organza ruffled flower and a Twisted Organza flower. All very easy to make. No sewing yay!!!!

Some more of the flowers I've been making, some ribbon flowers and some Lace ones :)

Made heaps of stick pins these are a few of my favourite ones...golds and bronze and teals, creams and browns yum. And I've also been making some of my wet wipe flowers :) I love how puffy and dimensional they come out they are so lush. I think I'm going to have a handmade flower giveaway for the winner who comes up with a good name for them. I will keep you posted. I've been uploading vids so be sure to subscribe to my channel and keep updated with my artsy crafty carry ons.
Now that I have rigged my camera up I'm thinking of doing tutorials. Heaps of people have been asking me about the wet wipe flowers and other stuff and next month I wanna start these cool challengesbut I will fill you in on that later :) Youtube - artsongandsoul

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  1. Tash, these are just beautiful girl!!!!!!!, you are so talented at these flowers!!!!!, well everything actually!!! way to go, you have yah MOJO back huh!!!!
    xx :)
    Love it