Tuesday, February 21, 2012

heya :)
After a great weekend I'm looking forward to getting some creating done. We had family stay over so art was out of the question but I'm already to get into it tomorrow.
For those of you who are "youtubers" I have a new youtube channel - artsongandsoul
I will be posting my first vid on there tomorrow. I'm excited to hang out with all my crafty mates I've missed so much. I still have my old channel - crackerspin, but I've decided to keep that just for my music <3
Some of the projects that I have got to share in the very near future are some canvases I've been doing. I'm still doing some acrylic paintings for my "I am Sacred" series which I love. I got inspired by a very talented lady on youtube "willowing" definatly check her out if you like mixed media she does awesome whimsical art. When I'm more organised I will have links :)
I also am still doing my "beloved trees" I love to do mixed media pieces of trees. I love everything about trees, the whole symbology of trees I just love. Growth, roots, bloom,strength, all that good stuff <3
Hmmmmm what else........been on abit of a flower making frenzy...making beautiful flowers to sell and send to my scrappy friends.
Also been trying to keep up with my art journals, whenever I finish a project or artpiece I just like to spend a lil bit of time in my art journal I've been finding it's great for new ideas trying out color combos it's nice and messy, no pressure just fun. It is kind of like it cleans the slate from the last project and gets my mind working for the next one :)
So my goal for the rest of thins month is to get this blog sorted, get a couple of youtube vids posted. Get some more of my finished works up on trademe to sell so I can get money for more more more artsy stuff <3 It's ultra late so I'm off but I will be back tomorrow with pics of some of my artsy shananigans :) xx

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