Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have recently been on this art kick. So many ideas in my head not enough supplies to get them all out of there. As much as I love to paint, draw, create,scrapbook whatever it may be I also often feel abit stressed kind of like anxiety....does anyone else get this when they are creating???
The most part of me enjoys it and I love my time where I get to do something I really enjoy but there is a part of me that is stressed out a little...will anyone like this? is it going to work out? Is this part of the nature of a creative mind or am I a freak??
Does it matter if you haven't found a style??...I mean I like to scrapbook, I love mixed media, the styles I paint change from one mood to the other...when do you get to call yourself an "artist" it when you sell something is it when you've studied art for a certain amount of time?? I'm just curious. I don't hang out with artists and I just wonder sometimes am I someone who dabbles? Am I an artist yet? Is it a hobby?

Ok so this must be why peeps blog....because they can ramble about whatever :) I'm getting it now.

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  1. Awesome Tash,
    Its nice to ramble, at least you know yah friends are listening, and besides, we all need to let our hair down and CHILL, doing what you enjoy.
    xx Hugz