Monday, May 28, 2012

I've also had a busy couple of weeks creating things to sell at some of our local markets. It's a bit daunting spending time and products making things and not knowing what will sell and what wont but I suppose I'll never know if I don't try :)

I'm not a card maker the only way I know how is from looking at some of the awsome crafters on youtube but I must say it gaets a bit addictive. I'm trying to do low end ones and sell the 3 for $5 and the fancier ones but I have no idea how much to's a bit of a bother!!!

I've also done some mini mixed media canvases. They have turned out great and I loved making them definatly my style and they have got insopirational words on the which I love.

Please let me know of any other good, quick, inexpensive ideas you have to help me out on my lil weekend adventure :)

These are some of the bigger Cards I've made measuring 15cmx 15cm. As you can see I've embellished the insides aswell these were so much fun.  I've made smaller simpler ones aswell that I will sell 3 for $5.

These are a few of the mini canvases that I created so much fun as I love mixed media and this grungy look :)


  1. You are making some really cool stuff lately!

  2. ooooo really like your grungey canvas's Tash...they are AWESOMMME!! As as are your cards...OMG you used the Mariposa papers *gasp*