Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Long Time No Blog!!!!!

Wow can't believe it was May since I last Blogged!!  How slack :( TBH with the face booking and answering emails and trying to sell my art, make music, care for my family well...blogging took a bit of a back seat but here I am....and what have I been up too??

 Heaps I've managed to do quite alot of crafting, painting and been making some music (but thats a whole other blog)  The making of the crafts and the painting of the art is the easy bit I love it!!!!  I wish I could create art all day every day the hard bit for me is selling it so that is my focus at the moment trying to get some of my creations sold so I can buy more supplies for art!!!

So I'm just gonna share some pics of what I've been up to and a couple of vids make sure to come join me over at :  it's where I mostly hang out and you can check out more of my artsy carry ons and say hello or have a wee chat :)

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