Thursday, June 6, 2013


Wow!!!!  Once again it has been yonks' since my last blog entry.  It seems every time I write on my blog I am making another resolution to be more blog savvy and committed to it.
So it's June.  It used to be my most dreaded month but this year I welcome it and my birthday.

What have I been up to?? well.....hmmm....I'm still trying to sell my art and crafts it seems to be an on going battle for me...the making of the art and craft comes to me easily but the networking...pricing...letting go and getting people to buy my crafts is a whole other story.  I could happily create all day long and hand the stuff over for someone else to sell.

So these last few month I haven't been doing a lot of painting which is what I should be doing but I have been crafting a lot...more journals, mini albums and flowers like there is no tomorrow.  What I love about making flowers is that they are gorgeous!! even the ugly ones are still lil morsels of yumminess,  they don't take much time and you can get the feeling of finishing something every 5 mins so I love use minimal supplies and the supplies you get to use are gorgeous...lace doilies, vintage buttons, ribbon satin, fabric mmmmmm love it :)

Here's some pics of all the flowers I've been making.

 And this is just some of them!!!! 

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