Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art Journal - Be The Light

Well the weekend was cold, damp, grey and rainy so it was the perfect time to put a pot of pumpkin soup on get the house warm and have a play in my journal.  The children were occupying themselves so I pretty much had a weekend filled with crafting.  I untangled my laces and sorted them out into colours.  Pretended to tidy up my art table but really just moved stuff around and the I got to it.

Over at Artistic Creationz over on Facebook they have a weekly mojo challenge.  It's just for fun and just to get the juices going if you are lacking in the idea department. This week it was my turn to think up a challenge and so my idea was to use this beautiful and simple phrase in what ever project/creation they liked.  BE THE LIGHT.

 For so long I lived in so much darkness...things from the past that cluttered my mind and created obstacles that made it hard for me to let go and get on with life...I would have terrible lows and often even though I would get on with everyday life I felt like there was always and underlying sadness.  It's taken a long time to push through a lot of that dead weight that kept me drowning...a lot of self healing and dealing with things that often made situations worse before they get better.  Even though it is still a daily effort to control the anxieties and thoughts that go on inside the rewards of being able to smile honestly and enjoy things guilt free make up for the hardwork.

So with those words in mind I decided to get started on a Journal Page.   Ages ago I purchased some Provo Craft Alpha dies...I don't spend a lot of money on craft supplies and have hardly any dies but I thought these would come in handy for so many things especially for my Journal Covers.  Well after making such a carful practical purchase I then quite frankly forgot all about them and had never used them until I was having a wee tidy up and found them.  So in some way I wanted to incorporate them in my Journal Page.

 This page came out so yummy and textured and as always my amateur photography does it no justice at all...there is quite a lot of shimmer and detail that is missed in the pictures...up close you can really see all the details like how the different paints seep into the indentations of the letters.
 Usuaaly it would be quite hard for me to randomly put letters all over the page because for certain things I usually like there to be a reason but I really enjoyed glueing these on and the shapes and textures the alpha's's got my mind working for other pieces in the future on a much bigger scale which is the awesome thing about art provokes ideas.

 Loved how these leters came out and added so much dimension but not so much that I couldn't close my Journal.
 I'm still learning to take better photos, but am still struggling.  I love this on below :)
Heres the fast play vid :)


  1. Hello Tasha
    Let me introduce myself, I am your fellow teamie for Scotties NZ and I am so pleased that we are going to be working alongside one another, I have just read this post and browsed your blog, and I am loving what I see. I also make my own flowers, yours are beautiful. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    1. Hey thanx heaps Sue :) I'm looking forward to getting to know you and the othe teamies also. I'm on my way over to your blog lol :)

  2. HI Tasha, Tracy here from Scotties Crafts design team... wow is all I can say.. your flowers are amazing!!! I wish I could make them like that! I look forward to getting to know you better

  3. Hey Tracey thanx heaps...and yup I'm a bit of a flower making fiend!! lol So excited to get crafting and see all your projects...looking forward to checking out everyones blogs and creations :)scrappy love all round Tasha

  4. Hi there... Just commented on your latest but had to have a look around your blog... This jumped out at me for it's super grungey look & the title?
    I then read the preamble.... Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to the darkness you talk of. Am really pleased you have come to a place where it's manageable(truly kudos to you).
    I am still battling but find crafting (if I can get mojo to join me) as a small escape/outlet?
    I am trying hard to complete an altered canvas & your journal page is utterly how I want it to be like. Obviously I don't have your level of talent but your colours & techniques have really inspired me!! It will be a few days before I get to it again but will keep your project in mind.
    So THANK YOU for whole post!! Has meant so much.... :)))

  5. aww thank you so much this means ALOT. Yup the war continues but as we heal ourselves a little bit more and more and soon more battles we win so YAY US!!! It hasn't been that long since I figured out that art was actually helping me wade through some of the "crap" but now it has become essential for my well being lol.
    For me personally this crafting business doesn't have any "levels" (you don't see the projects I don't post haha if your intention is to have some time out and do what you enjoy then let that be the end result not what it comes out like. I'd love to say this piece was filled with technique but really...I had and idea and then glued...painted...glued...painted and repeated till finished :) BATTLE ON SUPER WOMAN!!!!!