Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey there
Easter weekend done and dusted and now my children have there 2 week school holidays :)  We went for a break to our hometown Taupo and brought back our niece and nephew for a few days.  I don't expect much blogging to be done over the next few days or anything done on my own projects but the lil ones are very much in to scrapping and creating with their aunty so we will be doing heaps of that.  My kids are big now so it's nice to get down and dirty with the glue and paste although thats really a normal day for me.

Today we made finger puppets out of felt and googly eyes and anything else we could find to glue cute.

I was a bit late drawing the winner for my KOS MINI ALBUM GIVEAWAY, got that done today with the help of my lil buddies.

So congratulation to the winners and I hope that Linda enjoys filling this mini with some great memories as much as I enjoyed making it :)

I have got some great projects coming up in the near future including my website getting made with the help of a alot of ideas so many infact I find it hard to sleep some nights.  Also working on my music aswell which is always a joy for me and getting to do that with awesome muscians and artist is a real treat.

So thats all for now xo

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