Monday, June 16, 2014

Shabby Chic Embellishments

Hey guys
I have been busy making loads and loads of flowers.  I love to make my own embellishments and I remembered seeing a youtube vid on these awesome embellishments a couple of weeks ago.
The lady on youtube who inspired me goes by the youtube name Tootooamy.  She is a great crafter and has heaps of amazing ideas and tutorials.
These are the flower centers I came up with.

Basically all you do is gather up all those big buttons....and get together all those teeny tiny embellishments and adhere them on.  Anything you use will be gorgeous I promis...a great wat to use those buttons that never seem to make it on to our projects and I have this little container that I throw all those little doo dads in that I can't be bothered putting away.
WARNING!!! These are addictive...once you start you want to make more...much...much more!!

If you love shabby chic and you love to make embellishments I hope you give this a try :)
Here's my vid I made about them.

Happy crafting!!!
Tasha xx

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