Friday, October 11, 2013

Little Ramble and some craft shares :)

Hi guys with the holidays nearly over I can get back into sharing some of my crafts that I have been up to and catching up on some of my blogging and online sharing.
I have a couple of crafting tutorials to share with you over the next few days.  I have always felt a bit weird doing Tutorials because I don't feel like I'm teaching you anything new but have recently had a few messages from people asking me how I do certain things so these tuts are not methods I claim to of invented they are just "shares" of how I go about making them.
As you Know I love to make flowers and I have been playing around with different fabrics.  For so long I have been trying to find my "style"  I love to create so many things and make a lot of projects for other people I have found it hard to sink into a personal style that I love.  Recently I have been realising what I really love to create and the colour palette that I feel represents my preference.
So a particular style that really makes my eyes and other sences go crazy is "Tattered Chic"  to me this is shabby but not so much frilly.  It leans towards those yummy pastels but more of the dusty type shades, Dusky rose, white wash seafoams and my favs being all those yummy neutral tones...beige, taupe, cream, I making sence?? clear as mud??  crazy lady babble?? lol
Below are some flowers I have been creating I call them "Tattered Chic Blooms" and they are a  spin off of the Lollipop flowers all of we flower makers have made time and time again.

Here is Tutorial if you would like to see how I made these gorgeous morsels of flowery goodness...:)
Hope you give them a try.
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